Elshaw House: Net Zero Carbon is the future

Elshaw House will be Sheffield’s first net zero carbon rated office building.  Fully electric, it will drastically reduce operational energy use through its structure, building systems and mixed mode ventilation providing a controllable, modern and flexible workspace.

Due for completion this Autumn, Elshaw House will offer 70,545 sq ft of efficient office space across 7 floors.  Noteable features include:

– a communal roof terrace on the 7th floor offering sweeping views looking south across the city

– floor to ceiling windows which will let the maximum amount of natural light in

– full electrification that utilises chilled slabs in the floors to maintain/dissipate heat on each level

– purge cooling (when required) via mixed mode ventilation to efficiently heat/cool the floors (and reduce operational energy use), plus natural ventilation openings and cooling boost to give occupiers control

– on-site power generation with rooftop PV cells

– PIR light sensors and LED lighting

Of further attraction to occupiers is the new 3.5 acre front garden, Pound’s Park, which will lead right to the front door.

The building is integrated into the city’s active travel strategy, with a focus on ease and accessibility – bike storage, a service centre and showers will help in this regard.

Elshaw is undoubtedly at the Heart of the City.  Get in touch is you would like your business to be part of this new workplace community within Sheffield City Centre.  For more information, see our website.


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