Former Topshop gets top revamp

As highlighted in a recent article in The Star, “hundreds of people could work in offices in [the] former [Topshop] in Sheffield city centre thanks to a crucial new feature – a front door”.  We are delighted to be involved in the revamp of this prominent Fargate premises.  The restored property comprise new offices, next to Marks & Spencer, and is called Ratoon – meaning a new shoot or sprout springing from the base of a plant, especially sugar cane, after being cut.

We truly believe the scheme could pave the way for more front doors to offices or flats in empty upper floors on Fargate, helping to revitalise Sheffield’s city centre.  It’s location will be part of that success.   In the article, our own Tim Bottrill explains that falling rents and shopper numbers have helped make the scheme possible: “All of a sudden people were realising the value of the upstairs and that they could be used as offices, flats or event spaces…Three or four years ago having offices on Fargate would have been seen as a silly idea.  Covid has changed that.  Ratoon is a unique space in an amazing location.”

A grant from SCC, part of the Future High Street Funds, has helped our fund manager client Nuveen (on behalf of the Medical Research Council Pension Fund) facilitate the works.

For further enquiries, feel free to drop Tim (see email address below).


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