Sheffield: fantastic post-Covid place to work

Is Sheffield set to benefit from an exodus of workers from London as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic?  This very question has been the subject of a short article we have had published in the recent edition of The Sheffield Telegraph.  It looks at the attraction of Sheffield in terms of a healthier commute, pleasant surroundings – including the Peak District on our doorstep, and reasonable commercial and residential property prices.

With both the physical and mental health and general wellbeing of employees having become top of most business’s agenda, we feel that employers will increasingly look to provide the best possible working environment.  Recruitment and retention of staff will become so much more than the office building itself.

colloco is part of many exciting development projects ongoing in the city centre currently: HoTC2, New Era, Pennine 5, etc… Why not get in touch to see whether these opportunities could be suitable for your business’s office needs? To read the article in full, see:


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