We get more deals done – it’s official!

It is not often that we sing our own praises.  However, colloco are delighted to have been placed 3rd in the Estates Gazette annual league table of the “top 10 most active agents in Sheffield”. Having only just celebrated our second year in business this Summer, we are truly thrilled with this achievement.

The accompanying article reported on letting activity in Sheffield over a 12 month period (to July 2019) and highlighted that colloco:

– were the most active agent in terms of actual deals (27);

– were the 3rd most active agent in terms of space transacted;

– transacted 28.5% more deals than our nearest rivals;

– did 48% of the deals in the market;

– did 58% more deals than the national firms; and

– in terms of average lettings (3364 sq ft), we dealt across the market – letting space to both the top end of the market as well as to local businesses.  In essence, colloco had more exposure to the market across all sectors than any of our competitors.

Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the Estates Gazette make it clear that 3 agents dominate the market in Sheffield “…after which the rest of the market is left trailing”.


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