S-PA event – hold the date!

As a member of the Sheffield Property Association (S-PA), we would like to give you advanced notice of Sheffield’s biggest and best property event to date.

Date: 17 July 2019

Time: 16.30 PM – 19:30 PM

Location: Kollider, Castle House, Angel Street, Sheffield

The event will be a panel of short speeches around how to galvanise a city and other interesting stories – ie powerful stories of leadership.  Some of the most active and influential people are taking part, noteably:

  • Martin McKervey, Chairman of the S-PA: Start With Why?
  • Nancy Fielder, Editor of the Sheffield Star and Sheffield Telegraph: No Bull***t Leadership: Why the World Needs More Everyday Leaders and Why That Leader is You
  • Jackie Sadek, Businesswomen and Estates Gazette contributor: Sheffield – A Love Story
  • Charles Begley, Chief Executive of the London Property Association: A Tale of Two Cities
  • Tim Heatley, Co-founder of developer Capital&Centric: The Field of Dreams (If You Build it They Will Come)
  • Alex Krachai, Managing Director of the S-PA: The Wisdom of Crowds

The event is free.  To find out more information and book your space, see:


Spaces are limited – put it in your diary!


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